With the increasing number of universities in Lebanon, some of which have a proud and solid history while others are still trying hard to integrate and find a suitable spot on the educational and cultural ladder; we saw the need for an all rounded magazine that would focus on important educational and academic issues. A magazine that can both, bridge the gap between high school students and the higher educational institutes; and guide, advise, may be even shed some light on where to go or what to consider for a field of study or major. 

Given the importance of what the general-public thinks of the educational system, his approach to the various institutions and his stand point from some; our magazine has dedicated a section to those who are keen on making their voices heard and their dilemma’s resolved. With total knowledge that, these fears and concerns could be justified at times and taken as mere hearsay at others.

We shall neither be prejudiced nor biased, our aim is not to promote one institute and demote another; our principles are objectivity, impartiality, transparency and straight forwardness.

Here, we look forward to the support of the universities and institutions to help us help our young students with their aspirations, dreams, and ambitions.

We set forth on this mission with the benefit of our children at heart. Knowing all too well that a successful and bright future is every parent’s dream; and that no sacrifice is too high if the price is an honored diploma and a worthy certificate.  What lies ahead is not easy for our students, but we believe that our magazine will help them look at their options and choices from different angles; this will be done through the many articles, interviews, and points of views that this magazine shall put with in the reach of each and every student.

Our hope remains that we can work hand in hand with all universities and institutions in Lebanon to assist our “Young Leaders” build a solid and stable future for themselves.

Gaby Yazigi


General Manager