University of Balamand Faculty of Business and Management Department of Economics

The University of Balamand offers a three-year program granting a “Bachelor of Science in Economics” upon completion. It is a 93-credit program and can be accomplished with a concentration in financial mathematics, mathematics or political conomy.

Throughout the duration of their study, students will be required to gain work experience from institutions such as the Central Bank, the United Nations, Lebanese Ministries, Chambers of Commerce, Banks etc. This will reinforce their studies and equip them with more knowledge and practical experience to help them make better and suitable career decisions.

Economics students at the University of Balamand can benefit from scholarships, depending on their SAT scores and school grades.
40% Off Tuition for the top Two applicants
30% Off Tuition for the Third, Fourth and Fifth applicants
25% Off Tuition for the Sixth to Tenth applicants







"Economics has drawn me ever since I took my first Economics course at school. My teacher at the time, Mrs. Mirna Al Yamak (a Balamand Alumni) encouraged me to dive deeper into the realm of economics. After reading countless books on economic theories, I knew that this is the path I’m going to take in my life. I joined the department of economics at the University of Balamand and never regretted my choice.
The economics program at the University of Balamand manages to aid students to grow and develop intellectually.”
“A few years ago, I have never thought that I would end up majoring in Economics. In fact, I graduated from school with a baccalaureate in General Sciences. But, when it came to applying to university I found out that I’m not interested in studying Engineering. To my surprise, someone suggested that I consider studying Economics. I took his advice and began researching Economics. It really amazed me how everything in our life is related to economics and how the world is controlled by it. Therefore, I became sure that this is what I want.
My next challenge was to find the appropriate university which will prepare me well for my career and help me achieve my dreams this is why I chose the University of Balamand. Studying Economics at the University of Balamand enriched my culture, increased my curiosity, enhanced my research skills and helped me understand the world.”

Where have our graduates gone to?
“After spending three great years at the University of Balamand I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. UOB has offered me a great experience
of faculty life, a friendly environment to interact in, and most of all a family of friends, doctors and professors
whom I will never forget. The role of proficient professors, and ambitious doctors left a great signature in my educational and professional life too. They offered us a sound knowledge across different domains such as in economics, finance and accounting. Moreover, they were passionately driven to boost our confidence, develop our leadership skills, and ensure that every step we make was innovative in itself. Today, I am glad to tell you that I am student at the London School of Economics (LSE), one of the most prominent universities in the world. I am pursuing a Master’s degree in Economy, Risk and Society. I cannot be more honored and respectful to the department that made it possible for me to be where I am today and compete with students from all over the world”.

“ When, in just a few years, the Faculty of Business and Management becomes one of the top business departments in our country, the credit starts with the academic staff. I enrolled at the University of Balamand as an Economics student in the fall of 2007. Looking back at the period of my undergraduate studies, I have to confess that my presence in the FOBM and my daily interactions with the staff members represent one of the most influential learning experiences in my life. Indeed, the combination of up-to-date knowledge in their specialized fields and their warm attitude towards the students gives the FOBM staff members a unique character distinguishing them from the staff members of many of the major universities I was fortunate enough to attend or visit in different occasions.

I urge the student to benefit from this once-in-a-lifetime experience and reap the fruit of knowledge in this great learning environment”.