A cooperation protocol between AUT and ElChabiba ElEhdeniya

The cooperation protocol between AUT University and ElChabiba ElEhdeniya association aims to support outstanding students in schools and help them complete their university education. The protocol was signed at a ceremony held at the EDEN restaurant on the banks of Lake Bnachii.
The ceremony was attended by the president of the association, Roy Araygi, the university vice president for external relations, Marcel Hnein, the director of the university branch in the north, Dr. Bassem bakhach, director of admission office and public relations in the north branch Mr Salim Ayoub, member of Zgharta municipality Mrs. Marianne Sarkis, Director of the official institution for preparing teachers in Zgharta, Polett Ayoub, as well as principals and representatives of schools in Zgharta district and members of the association.
During the ceremony, Araygi expressed gratitude to the university for their valuable initiative and the trust they have placed in the association. He believes that these scholarships will greatly benefit outstanding students from various villages in the Zgharta district.

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Hnein also emphasized the importance of supporting students, especially in difficult circumstances. He highlighted the various specialties offered by the university and praised the efforts of the youth in local affairs.
Furthermore, there was a discussion about university education and the new curricula adopted by AUT University, which includes new specializations that meet the current requirements.
Overall, this cooperation protocol between AUT University and ElChabiba ElEhdeniya association aims to provide support and opportunities for outstanding students, ultimately contributing to their academic and career success.