American University of Beirut (AUB)

AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF BEIRUT... Tuition and Fees AY 2017-2018
Undergraduate Tuition (Per Credit)
* Students enrolled on or after October 2011 will be charged for the first 15 credits only.
* Students enrolled before October 2011 will be charged for the first 12 credits only.
* The minimum number of credits for undergraduate students is 12 credits.


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 Graduate Tuition (Per Credit)
*Graduate tuition fees will be charged on a credit basis.

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Master's Thesis or Dissertation Fees

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 Undergraduate Program Fees

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 Graduate Program Fees

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Other Information
*Tuition and other student fees can be paid in US Dollars or in Lebanese pound equivalent
Dorm Fees, as established by the Student Affairs:

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 Rates of AY 2017- 2018